Stressless Recliners – The Last You’ll Ever Need!

Stressless Recliner Oxford

Stressless Recliners were first introduced in 1971, as an innovative way to meet the needs of your body through the support and movement of the chair. Through this new-patented slide technology that began in Norway, it hit the world by storm, and now is the leading reclining chair. Stressless Recliners are innovative, comfortable and functional, a needed piece to any living room.

When Stressless recliners were first released it was something innovative, never before thought of. To create a relaxing chair that curved with your body and provided ultimate comfort was something that caught people’s attention. With the new idea of having a glide system, it changed the way people used their furniture. By being able to move and turn while seated gave more options and flexibility to the chair. Where once a chair limited you to what it could do, now it is good for reading, watching television or taking a nap. From the older style of straight back chairs, this new-patented glide technology has made an impact.

Many people would say that they appreciate the Stressless Recliner because of its comfort. The ability to relax and put your feet up, while having movement, greatly enhanced the enjoyment of watching television or reading a book. As the chair evolved, support for the neck and back became a priority aiding in the comfort and overall joy of the product. With the curve and conformity to the body it creates a refreshing experience after a long day at work, or being on your feet.

Functionality was also a large focus with the design of these chairs. Being multi-purpose and conducive to many needs was part of the intrigue. It became the seat to have in a living room, the chair to watch TV in.  This Norwegian idea changed the way manufacturers and designers look at chairs, and the relaxing experience. Today Stressless recliners come in many different styles and looks, you can choose from a variety of leathers, fabrics and types of wood. This is all done to customize your Stressless chair experience.

Stressless Recliners have made an impact on the furniture market as well as how people view their living rooms. They have changed the way furniture is design and how it looks, through new technology, and a focus on comfort and functionality. Today you can customize your experience and enjoy a Stressless Recliner that is completely right for you.

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