Stressless Chairs – The Style for A New Generation

Stressless Chair

With an abundance of colours and fabrics/leathers you can create almost any chair to fit to your home. Coming in a wide range of styles, from Granada to wave and from different sizes including high and low back. Stressless chairs add class, comfort and style.

It is also not just a chair, but many come with features similar to the Stressless recliner. The Stressless chair is stationary, and is offered as comfortable basic leather or fabric upholstered chair. Other styles also have the reclining feature, the gentle roll back that has made Stressless a household name and an international sensation. A few of the high back model’s also offer the adjustable headrest that is the perfect way to read a book or watch your favourite show on TV.

Stressless also offers a variety of chair legs to give you the ultimate complementary furniture to your home. Wooden square legs and steel hoops work well with the Wave mode whereas the steel leg round is conducive to almost every model and make. The wooden leg round also is conducive to every model, whereas the wooden hoop (natural and laminated) are more limited but also suit a variety of models. Stressless Chairs are focused to provide the best options to meet the interior and taste of your home.

Stressless chairs combined the style of sofa and living room furniture while holding on to the comfort and technology of the Stressless recliner. With their quality coverings, manufacturing and technology, the Stressless chair is a welcomed and cherished member of the Stressless family.

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