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Stressless Sofa Space

From recliners to sofas, Stressless chairs have made an impact on the furniture market. The creators of the recliner realized that every chair and seat should have all the added aspects of a Stressless recliner. That was how the Stressless sofa was born. By incorporating the technology of the recliner into a sofa, it allowed for the comfort of a recliner while having the flexibility of a sofa. The Stressless sofa can offers comfort, customization and functionality to every family and home.

Comfort is a key for sofas, and Stressless incorporated their glide technology and Plus system to bring a pleasing experience. The glide technology allows for very easy movement and adjustment. By allowing the seat to move with your body it creates a harmonious feel. The plus system supports the head and the lower back. When the headrest adjusts so the does the lower back to have an even comfortable experience. With the seats acting independent, it also allows each person to adjust and obtain their comfort.

Customization also is an integral part in Stressless sofas. Stressless understands that people have different needs and desires in regards to furniture and they strive to meet those needs. From high or low back comfort, and coordinating different styles, leather or fabric, Stressless has many options to enhance and add to the feeling of your home. There are endless ways you can make Stressless fit your home and family, no matter the size of house or personal style.

For many people the functionality of the Stressless sofas is what creates an interest. A large interest is that the seats act independently and that is has all the functions of a recliner, with the headrest and the lower back support, both which are plus system features. Being able to recline independently and also have the adjusting headrest adds to multipurpose aspect of the sofa. It gives many options, to read reclining, watch television, or just host friends and family.

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